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tv   News  ABC  November 19, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EST

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condin. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. jamie and justin are off. this is friday-eve, thursday morning. good morning everyone, things are off to a gray start for us, that's for sure. let's look at maryland 's most powerful live radar. you can see clouds and precipitation starting to form to the west of baltimore. moving into pennsylvania that will continue to start to spread towards the east. we'll all be seeing it before too much longer. rain amounts are very light in nature. we're not seeing heavy rain, just showers here and there. generally mist and drizzly. temperature right now in the low 50s across the region. we're seeing light winds as well. be aware there is fog out there this morning when you step out the door. that's going to make things tricky. rain on and off throughout the
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entire day. let's see how the roads are shaping up. >> looking good so far as we look at the harrisburg expressway. no accidents working. tunnels looking pretty good. 95 and bw parkway. the only thing to let you know about, the westbound lanes of liberty road at brubar court, right lane taken away due to an ongoing utility problem there. jfx little fog and mist. road conditions aren't too bad. megan, back to you. 5:31 right now. baltimore county police have identified the katensville man kills during the robbery in 700 block of . brian michael meise died at the
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scene. we had a chance to talk to the victims son, an area business owner. >> anyone who may have seen something is urged to call metro crime stoppers. 1-866-7-lock-up. well tonight, taking back the streets of baltimore. city police want feedback on the community as they haven't pinpointed who's targeting women. sherrie johnson has more with who investigators are looking at. >> reporter: megan, today baltimore police will hold a forum for concerned people in the community. officers want to update the east baltimore community on the rape investigation. now police say that there are
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two rapists on the loose in baltimore and authorities are working with multiple city agencies with a new task force to catch the men praying on women in east baltimore. the city will help by clearing vacant lots and removing abandoned cars. extra foot patrols will be in the eastern district starting today. word of a new task force comes after a woman's body was found where at least two other rapes have occurred. you're looking at a sketch of a couple of the men there. one much the rapes happened on october 30th in the 1300 block of north central avenue. another on october 31st in the 400 block of north colvin. >> i think i better be on guard when i come here. i work in the edens and i come through here. i better hang my guards up. >> i try to stick to myself at the bus stop, not speak to anybody. go in the day time or whatever.
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>> police have scheduled a community forum for 6:00 tonight at knox community church on edens street. anyone with information is asked to call a rape tip hotline. live in the studio, sherrie johnson abc2 news. it is 5:34 right now. construction workers face all types of danger on the job. one man escaped serious injury yesterday afternoon after a rowhouse in the 1400 block of locus point collapsed. rescue crews had to free him from a basement after the top two floors gaveway. we were told he was taken to shock trauma with a broken leg. investigators are trying to determine what caused the collapse in the first place. here's what's happening today. november 19th, there's a lot going on. including an h1n1 seasonal flu vaccine clinic being offered to pregnant women and children six
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months to 4 years old only. it starts at 9:30 in the morning and runs until 1:00 this afternoon. you can log onto to get details on that clinic as well as other ones. the gaylord national resort kicks off its fantastic winter wonder land in pee gee county. . to get you in the holiday spirit, let's do it. why not? the nutcracker is about two weeks away from debuting at the hippodrome. the nutcracker will have four shows between friday december 4st and sunday december 6th. if you'd like tickets, there's the number to call. ticket master. you can always visit the hippodrome box office. it first opened on broadway, 1981 and now dream girls is actually coming to baltimore. we're so excited about this. before it comes to charm city, we're going to get a firsthand look this weekend when we travel
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up to new york. the musical follows the 1960s girls singing group and it triumphs, the tribulations that come with fame and fortune. listen to this, we'll be on the red carpet at the historic apollo theater sunday night. we'll have a live report on good morning maryland during our 6:00 hour from the big apple monday morning. that's all happening monday morning on good morning maryland. can't wait. and we can always get you into the holiday spirit with a little bell ringing. this is the season of giving. looking for volunteers to ring bells at red kettles. the salvation army has more than 100 kettle locations. provides thousands of children with christmas gifts and clothes. bringing jobs back to baltimore. you'll hear plans to put people back to work in our state. the newest face of the
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ravens has made his media debut. we'll find out what he has to say. before we head to commercial, before you head out the door, here's susan with a check on weather today. >> little bit of mist and drizzle out there this morning. on the dreary side. you can see showers starting to form to the west of baltimore moving to the north. that will continue to spread towards the east. here's what you're looking at today. 55 degrees by noon. 62 is where we'll top out. we'll see rain off and on throughout the day. little fog around this morning. be aware of that. let's check with mark jones at the mta. >> you'll find 64 bus with a 20-minute delay. light rail northbound running about 10 minutes late. look for the marc train system to be on time for service on the camden, penn, and brunswick lines for your start. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. i think i'll go with the basic package. great choice. hmm.
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good morning, maryland. i'm meteorologist susan schrack. things are looking on the gray and dreary side this morning. not the most inspiring of mornings for sure. rain starting to form. showers to the west of
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baltimore. that will continue to spread towards the east throughout the day. temperature-wise, we're in the low 50s to upper 40s across the region. it's going to be sort of a misty, drizzling morning out there for us. watch out for fog out there. 55 degrees by noon. 62 for this afternoon. we'll look for showers on and off throughout the day today. let's check on the road conditions, here's kim. >> as we peek apt the northeast corner of the beltway, traffic looks great on both sides of the beltway. little fog and mist. not impacting your commute this morning. no incidents, accidents or delays to let you know about. downtown, inbound russell street headed towards downtown baltimore at lee street, traffic is quiet. 5:41 right now. adjustments and changes are made hours before closing arguments in the trial of baltimore city mayor sheila dixon. >> reporter: her fate will soon
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be in the hands of a jury. more to come on the theft trial of sheila dixon. today i'm making a classic sweet potato pie... everyone can enjoy, delicious lactaid milk. aos] ]eítfoló welcome back to the table. love it with lactaid.
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every week this holiday season. the great deals start each saturday. this week, from saturday 8 a.m. thru friday, you can get a free $100 walmart gift card with the purchase of any blackberry find out about more weekly specials at and make the most of your holiday. christmas costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. nine women and three men are deciding her fate. in a few hours, the jury could
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decide the fate of sheila dixon in the trial today. >> reporter: they will each get to have their final case to say in this case. opening arguments are set to begin at 9:00 this morning. the jury could start deliberating just before lunch. it was a short day in court yesterday. the defense arrested its case less than an hour after court began. dixon's attorneys called two witnesses to the stand. the last to testify was dixon's pastor. he characterized the mayor as trustworthy and forthright. the mayor was never called to the stand. after the defense arrested its case, prosecutors and dixon's attorneys spent the day debating what instructions the jury should receive. as you may recall on tuesday, the judge threw out two of the seven counts against the mayor. >> i would think that was the main strategy of the prosecution. they sacrificed two charges in
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order to present a closing argument that's going to be much more stratford -- straight forward. . 3, 2, 1! [cheering and applause] . >> big news this morning if you're headed to hampden for breakfast. expect to see an old friendly familiar face. a famous pink flamingo is back in its nest. it was taken down in october after it was discovered that a permit was needed. the decision made a lot of people angry in the city. the city is allowing the landmark sculpture to stay. >> i'm happy it's back. and we got a sign pointing everybody to come back to
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hampton to seep the flamingo. >> mayor the chicken dance? not the flamingo dance. it's back atop cafe hole hun this morning. a very concerning story, officers are focusing on two rapists. this evening, 6:00, officers will conduct a community forum at knox presbyterian church on north edens street. residents will receive updates on the situation. police are asking people to call 1-888-223-0033 if you have any information in the case. those are the sketches. if you missed them, we'll put them on our website for you to check out. still no arrests in the shooting death of a man in a
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catonsville convenience store. call metro crime stoppers with any information. defense secretary robert gates is expected to announce today that he's chosen a former senior defense official to lead a pentagon review surrounding the fort hood shootings. secretary gates wants a short quick term report followed by an extensive review and circumstances surrounding the shooting. an army psychiatrist is accused of killing 13 people at fort hood on november 5th. it's been really tough for millions of people out of work but the alliance for the american manufacturers came to baltimore to give people some hope. dozens turned out last night to learn more about how employers plan to turn unemployment around in our city. >> reporter: baltimore has a rich history, we're going to be talking about all these ideas but the thing we need to do is have the political will to do it. we focus way too much on what we want to do for wall street.
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this is about what we need to do for main street. good morning, i'm meteorologist susan schrack. little on the gray and rainy side this morning. you can see a couple of showers starting to form just to the west of baltimore. they're moving up to the north into pennsylvania. we'll continue to see them spreading towards the east, so more rain and drizzle on the way for everybody throughout the day today. now generally where that rain has fallen, it's been light amounts. you can see barely more than a trace in most of those areas to the west of the city. temperature-wise, we're in the low 50 degree range for everybody across the area. coastal flood advisories in effect tonight. easterly wind coming in. tides running about a foot above normal. keep that in mind towards the
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afternoon today. showers forming and moving again towards the north. all of that will be spreading to the east along with the cold front through the region today. once we get through today, friday clears out pretty nicely. things look good into saturday as well. for tonight, we're seeing 53 degrees as the low. cloudy, more showers. things look better for us tomorrow. 59 degrees, mostly sunny. breezy conditions as well. should be a pleasant start to the weekend. >> the roadways are off to a fantastic start this morning. no real traffic issues to let you know about as we look at the beltway. 695, harford road. traffic looks great in both directions. no incidents, issues or delays at this time. fog and mist around the area will reduce your visibility some. be careful. lochearn, you'll see the right
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lane taken away. crews continue to work on that ongoing utility problem at brubar court. no problems to let you know about at the veterans memorial bridge. megan, back to you. 5:50 right now. hopefully the ravens are ready to take on peyton manning with the indianapolis colts, but also matt stover. there's an interesting subplot going on since the ravens signed a replacement for steve hauschka who was cut because he couldn't quite fill stover's shoes. >> reporter: billy condis will be the kicker. he did a nice job. he'll be our guy.
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>> it'd be nice to have matt stover kicking for us right now. we're not afraid of that. things didn't work out. >> i think a lot of guys around him are making plays as well. they happen to be the next opponent. respect who they have as their leader. just respect the things they do. obviously we have to take it as they're the only team we have. we can't look ahead at the games we have ahead, you know... they're the team in front of us.
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we have to go out there and play our best football next week. >> hopefully we can be that team that gives them their first loss. i got a lot of faith in our guys. we'll go out there and do what we need to do to put ourselves in a position to win the football game. >> the ravens take on the colts at 1:00 sunday at m&t bank stadium. what weighs 60 pounds? has fluffy white feathers and gobbles all day long? this fat fowl won't be served at thanksgiving, we'll tell you why he's being spared. we have tips, advice to make sure you're getting the best deal before you head to the store.
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we hear gobbling sounds all the time this time of year, but what about hearing them at a pet store or animal hospital? a veterinarian in iowa has adopted jive, a 62-pound turkey. jive will never be the main course at anyone's dinner table
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because doctor anderson found jive turkey wandering around last year. nursed him back to health and now gives him a permanent home. since jive is so big, he muscles his way around the office, he even eats the other animals food. sounds like a recipe for disaster, but clearly it's peaceful in that office. that does it for the 5:00 news but the 6:00 news is right around the corner. we hope you stay with us and join us ahead. see you in a few minutes.
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